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Kennett Square, PA General Contractor

Kennett Square, PA General Contractor and Contracting Services

General Contracting Services in Kennett Square, PA

Kennett Square is a borough located in Chester County, PA. The population is around 6,000 residents as of the 2010 census. Kennett Square is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World. It is known as that because the mushroom farming in the region produces over 500 million pounds of mushrooms a years, which totals half of the United States mushroom crop. To celebrate this heritage, the borough holds an annual Mushroom Festival, where the whole town shuts down for a parade, hold tours of mushroom farms, and buy and sell food and some other goods.  

Kitchen Contractor Services in Kennett Square, PA

Housefitters GC is your go to premier kitchen contractor service company located in the greater Kennett Square area. We offer all the aspects that come with kitchen remodeling and designing. Meeting with us is you and your families first steps to getting the dream kitchen you wanted to be a reality. We work within your budget and will pick the materials that work best for your build. We accommodate all size kitchens and styles making the most of your space.

Kennett Square, PA Contractor Services
General Contractor Services in Kennett Square, PA

Kennett Square, PA Bathroom Contractor

Looking for a new luxury bathroom remodel that could be exactly what your Kennett Square is missing? Then look no further than Housefitters GC, we can help you make the most of your space and work hard to try and create more space. We cover all aspects of bathroom rehab including the plumbing, flooring, lighting, walls, tile, and more!

Basement Contractor Services in Kennett Square, PA

Adding more space to your home can be expensive if you don’t have a strict budget or you look to add an addition. We recommend adding new space by finish your basement. You can add another floor to your home that can be used as a living area, exercise room, a media room, storage, bathrooms, a play room, a bedroom, laundry room, the possibilities are in your hands with Housefitters GC.

General Contracting Services in Kennett Square, PA
General Contractor & Home Additions Services in Kennett Square, PA

Kennett Square, PA Home Additions Contractor

If you are in need of new space for your home or looking to finally get the deck you always wanted, then look no further than Housefitters GC. We can handle any job whether it is a two story addition or just a shed, we can help increase your Kennett Square home’s value by adding more square footage and storage. Our general contractors have the experience needed to help you get the dream kitchen or living room. You are only limited by your imagination, give the general contractors here at Housefittes GC a call today!

Kennett Square, PA Basement Renovation & General Contractor Services

Kennett Square, PA General Contractor & Basement Remodeling Services

One of the best ways to add more living space to your Kennett Square home without the cost of an addition, is to allow our general contractors to finish your basement. With our basement remodeling services, you can add another floor of living area to your Kennett Square home, a media room, an exercise room, storage, bathrooms, bedrooms, play room, and even laundry rooms! The possibilities of what our general contractors can transform your Kennett Square home’s basement into are truly endless!

General Contractor & Kitchen Remodeling Services in Kennett Square, PA

Kitchen Renovation & General Contractor Services in Kennett Square, PA

Our general contractors are equipped with the best equipment and materials to handle any and all aspects of kitchen renovation from design to construction. As a general contractor company, we work with expert kitchen remodeling contractors to help build the dream kitchen you always wanted a reality. We always work within your budget and select the best materials that fit inside said budget. We accommodate all sizes of kitchens found in Kennett Square homes, making them both space efficient and stylish.

Kennett Square, PA General Contractor & Bathroom Remodeling Services

Kennett Square, PA Bathroom Remodeling & General Contractor Services

Our general contractors in Kennett Square are ready to assist you in building your luxury Bathroom. We at HousefittersGC work with you and your busy schedule to plan out the best time to work on your bathroom. Our contractors are trained to create the most out of the space given and try to find more when possible. We equip each of our general contractors with the equipment to handle all aspects of bathroom renovation in Kennett Square, which include flooring, plumbing, walls, lighting, tile, and more!

General Contractor & Home Addition Contracting Services in Kennett Square, PA

Home Additions & General Contractor Services in Kennett Square, PA

The general contractors and carpenters at HousefittersGC are here to help your Kennett Square home by adding value to your home or property. Our general contractors are able to handle any home remodeling project from simple shed construction to a two story addition. Kennett Square home increase in value and there are countless ways to achieve this. We can help you imagine a larger kitchen, a new family room, or even that deck space that you always dreamed of having. The only limit our general contractors have is your imagination. 


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The Advantage Of Working With Us:

  • We charge per job not by the hour and you receive a written estimate before we begin any work.
  • We are a LOCAL OWNER-OPERATED company
  • We offer a warranty on all of OUR work including repairs and new installations.
  • We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and client satisfaction.
  • We can provide LOCAL references at your request.
  • All of our technicians and employees are thoroughly trained by experts and are held to the highest of industry standards.
  • We offer same day service and flexible scheduling to accommodate you.

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