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Let Housefitters help you with adding value and space to your home. Whether it is a two story addition or just a shed, adding square footage and storage to a home will increase its value in so many ways. We can help you imagine a larger kitchen or a new family room or that deck space that you always dreamed of having. You are only limited by your imagination!

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    Transform your home with Housefitters General Construction, your premier partner in custom home additions. Our expert team is dedicated to expanding your living space with seamless, well-integrated additions that blend perfectly with your home’s existing design and architecture. From the initial design consultation to the final construction phase, we handle every aspect of your project with precision and care. Our comprehensive services include securing permits, groundbreaking, foundation laying, framing, and implementing state-of-the-art electrical and plumbing systems, ensuring every new room meets your exact specifications. Whether you’re adding a sun-drenched sunroom, a spacious master suite, or a multi-functional family room, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures your addition not only increases your home’s value but also enhances your living experience. Opt for Housefitters General Construction to expertly navigate the complexities of home additions, delivering a tailor-made space that accommodates your evolving needs and lifestyle.

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    The Advantage Of Working With Us:

    • We charge per job not by the hour and you receive a written estimate before we begin any work.
    • We are a LOCAL OWNER-OPERATED company
    • We offer a warranty on all of OUR work including repairs and new installations.
    • We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and client satisfaction.
    • We can provide LOCAL references at your request.
    • All of our technicians and employees are thoroughly trained by experts and are held to the highest of industry standards.
    • We offer same day service and flexible scheduling to accommodate you.

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    Q: What types of home additions can HousefittersGC help with?

    HousefittersGC can help with a extensive variety of domestic addition projects, from two-tale additions to easy sheds, large kitchens, new own circle of relatives rooms, decks, and more. We paintings with you to feature precious rectangular pictures and garage for your domestic, enhancing its universal cost and functionality.

    Q: Can HousefittersGC help design the addition to my home?

    Yes, our crew works intently with you to enimaginative and prescient and layout the addition you have continually wanted. Whether it is increasing your dwelling area or including outside structures, we are right here to convey your thoughts to lifestyles inside the bounds of your creativeness and budget.

    Q: How does HousefittersGC charge for home addition projects?

    We price in keeping with job, now no longer via way of means of the hour, supplying you with a written estimate earlier than any paintings begins. This approach ensures transparency and enables you apprehend the overall value upfront.

    Q: Is HousefittersGC a local or national company?

     Yes, HousefittersGC is a neighborhood owner-operated company, this means that we’ve a robust commitment to serving our network and expertise its specific needs.

    Q: Does HousefittersGC offer any warranties on their work?

    Absolutely. We provide a warranty for all of our work, including repairs & new installations. This pledge demonstrates our trust in the quality of our work and your pleasure.

    Q: Can HousefittersGC provide references from past home addition projects?

    Yes, we can provide local references on request. Hearing from our delighted clients can provide you piece of mind and confidence in the quality of our work and service.

    Q: How can I get started with my home addition project with HousefittersGC?

    To begin your home addition project with HousefittersGC, simply contact us to discuss your ideas and set up a consultation. We’re ready to help you add value and space to your home with a smooth and gratifying addition project.

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